101 Time-Saving Google Tricks for Work, Play and Learning

The Internet is full of useful tools and hacks that keep you more focused and efficient, but you have to know which ones are best. This large list of 101 Google tricks can help you lead a more streamlined, stress-free existence, from your personal to your school or work life.


Save time and clean up your Gmail inbox with these helpful e-mail hacks.

  1. Mute or ignore: Mute or ignore annoying conversations or conversations that are wasting your precious time by using the m key.
  2. Gmail Search: Most Gmail users know how to use this tool, but if you’re always losing messages in your inbox, use Gmail Search to bring them back up.
  3. Voice and video chat: This new feature lets you video chat in your Gchat box.
  4. Emoticons: Use one of Gmail’s newest emoticons to convey a message without having to type it all out.
  5. AIM in Gmail: Streamline all of your instant message contacts when you access AIM through Gmail.
  6. Editing labels: Get more organized and save time when you use the new colored labels that you can edit, rename and more.
  7. Quick Contacts: This auto-show feature highlights your most-used contacts so it’s easy to find them for a chat.
  8. Group chat: Have a quick virtual meeting with your colleagues or classmates with this feature.
  9. Mail Fetcher: Access mail from other accounts through your Gmail account with Mail Fetcher.
  10. Faster PDF previews: View PDF previews in your browser by clicking on the new "view" link.


Teachers and students will be able to get more done in less time with these Google tricks.

  1. Geo Education: Forget field trips to the museum or planetarium. Use Geo Education to quickly zap your kids into outer space or around the world with this set of tools.
  2. iGoogle: Set up your own homepage for your classroom, or if you’re a student, customize your iGoogle page to include helpful study resources, news updates and more.
  3. Custom Search Engine: Save time during your searches by limiting the kinds of sites, the display and more for your search.
  4. Google Notebook/Google Docs: Use this simple, remote access text document for taking notes, recording class information and more.
  5. Google Groups: Set up a study group or help your students organize their own group projects with this feature.
  6. Page Creator: Use Page Creator to set up an attractive, easy-to-access web page for students, parents and more.
  7. News: Quickly pull news stories off the Internet with this feature.
  8. Book Search: Using Book Search, you can quickly find full college text books, excerpts, nonfiction texts and more.
  9. Google Scholar: Students and teachers can use this search engine when they need quality, authoritative information for lectures, research projects and papers.
  10. Patent Search: Use Patent Search to search over 7 million patents, images and more.

Business and Work

When you want to save time on meetings, organize your files and or stay on top of your coursework, use these tools.

  1. Google Pack: Use Google Pack as a free solution to a desktop organizer, notifier, 3d model maker and more.
  2. Archive your e-mails: Use this simple system to keep your e-mails safe and organized without having to waste time with hard files.
  3. E-mail encryption: Google helps you send encrypted messages to your business associates with this system.
  4. Google Video: Avoid lengthy meetings by hosting web conferences with Google Video–a safe, private feature.
  5. Google Checkout: Cut out the middle man when you use this online shopping app for your site.
  6. Finance: Use Google Finance to quickly catch up on the stock market and all other finance news that will affect your business in the blink of an eye.
  7. Knol: Knol is a Google app that lets business professionals and other experts share their knowledge online and network with other members.
  8. Calendar: Keep all of your to-do lists and appointments straight in one spot with Google Calendar.
  9. SketchUp: Architects, web designers and other professionals can use this tool to create 3D models online.
  10. Sites: Use this feature to give you a head start on creating a website for your business, which can save you time with marketing, networking, selling products and more.

iPhone and Mobile Apps

Turn to this list of tricks and tools for saving time and making your iPhone, BlackBerry or cell phone more efficient.

  1. New Gmail for the iPhone: This new display for the iPhone makes it easier for you to check Gmail on your mobile.
  2. Tips for Google Mobile Search: Make the most out of your Google-powered search with these mobile-friendly tips.
  3. Voice Search: Search by speaking into your phone with this time saver.
  4. My Location: Find local businesses near your location with this tool that uses your iPhone as a navigator.
  5. Use the apps tab: iPhone users can hit the Apps tab at the bottom of their screen to quickly shop Google services.
  6. Google Talk for BlackBerry: This app is available to Black Berry users. Features include fast messaging, emoticons, customizable status messages, and more.
  7. Google SMS for Search: Read this guide to help you use Google SMS for your mobile searches.
  8. Android: Check out this free mobile platform to fuel multitasking and make your apps run better.
  9. Google SMS: Use this text messaging service for a quick and easy way to connect.
  10. Calendar Alerts with SMS: Use your SMS to get Google calendar alerts, even if you’re away from your desk.

Travel and Transportation

Travelers and those who want to learn more about their city can use these Google tips and tools.

  1. Google Earth: Ditch the compass and use this app to find your away around a new city. You can even track your flight status.
  2. GOOG 411: Look up local businesses, restaurants and more with this tool.
  3. Google Maps: Find addresses, get recommendations for local hotspots, and explore a new city or state.
  4. Translate: If you’re traveling internationally, use this tool to translate menus, conversations and more.
  5. Mobile Maps: Using Mobile Maps, you can view maps, get directions and find local information easier and faster.
  6. Currency Converter: Check currency rates and conversions with this mobile-friendly tool.
  7. Area Code Map: Get areas codes with this shortcut.
  8. FAA Airplane Registration Numbers: Get an airplane’s history and description by searching its FAA airplane registration number.
  9. Flight Status/Flight Tracker: Subscribe to this shortcut to get flight tracking information.
  10. Gchart: Find out what time it is anywhere in the world using Gchart.

Search Tips and Tools

For a faster, more efficient search, turn to this list.

  1. Search Features: Customize your search so that it’s easier to find sport scores, local information, and more.
  2. Dictionary Definitions: Learn how to quickly look up words directly from Google.
  3. site:: If you only want results for a particular web page, type in site: before the name.
  4. link:: This is an especially good tool for bloggers who want to track back links to their site. Type link: and link back to whatever site you put in next.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts: This Firefox app will let you move around Google’s search results with your arrow keys.
  6. Blog Search: When you only want to find posts and images from blogs, use this search.
  7. Product Search: Get shopping and product information here.
  8. Toolbar: Add a Google Toolbar to Firefox to quickly access your favorite button and share your top sites.
  9. Browser Buttons: Install Browser Buttons to connect to Google Search even faster.
  10. Default Search Engine: Save time by eliminating useless searches and lame search engines by making Google your default.

Life Hacks

From cutting down on finding your daily news to organizing your desktop to tracking packages, these Google tricks will quickly become indispensable.

  1. Desktop: Keep your desktop organized with this customizable feature.
  2. Google Alerts: Stay on top of your appointments, workouts, goals, and social life with this alerts tool.
  3. Use Google Reader: Google Reader will save you a lot of time searching for blogs and checking your favorite sites everyday. It compiles your most-read and starred items in one simple interface.
  4. Mobile: Google Mobile will keep you connected to your Google accounts anywhere.
  5. Track packages: Here you’ll learn how to track your packages with Google Maps.
  6. Convert temperatures: Type "[temperature][C/F] to [F/C]" to get the correct temperature.
  7. Find phone numbers: This tutorial will show you how to quickly find a phone number using Google search.
  8. Calculator: Use the search bar as a calculator.
  9. Movies: Type in movies or the name of the film plus your zip code to get showtimes.
  10. Google Homepage: Shave seconds or even minutes off your day by making Google your default home page. You’ll connect to Gmail, perform searches and more with just a click or two instead of having to type everything out.

Google Docs

These shortcuts will save you time when you use Google Docs.

  1. Undo: Ctrl Z will undo any edits or changes you’ve made to the document.
  2. Go the top or title: Move up to the top of your document by typing Ctrl Home.
  3. Change alignment: Change your page’s alignment by typing Ctrl L, Ctrl E, or Ctrl J, for left, center and full justify, respectively.
  4. Add a comment: Press Ctrl M to add comments to your document.


Learn how to quickly access directories, get vehicle information and more using these shortcuts.

  1. FCC Equipment IDs: Look up equipment ID numbers using this method.
  2. Vehicle Information: Find information about any vehicle by typing in the VIN number.
  3. UPC Codes: Track UPC codes here.
  4. Directory: Directory connects you to references for time, world records, libraries, maps, museums and more.
  5. Video: Find videos faster with this feature.
  6. Stock Quotes shortcut: Get stock quotes from Google with this shortcut method.
  7. Images: Conduct a faster image search here.

Firefox Add-ons

Firefox users can download these applications for even more time-saving tricks for Google.

  1. Locator: Find highlighted addresses on a Google map with this button.
  2. GBookmarks: Access your bookmarks from any computer with this tool.
  3. Back to Google 1.2: Immediately return to your last Google results page by clicking this button.
  4. Send to Google Docs: This tool supports PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office via Google Docs.
  5. Google Results Walker: Quickly navigate Google results with this add-on.
  6. Gooblebar Lite 4.6.8: This Google toolbar supports 12 search types.
  7. Google Calendar Quick Add: Add an event to your Google Calendar even faster with this shortcut.
  8. Color Results: Find your search terms in a web page or document when you install this add-on.
  9. Bookmarks Button: Manage Google Bookmarks from your Firefox toolbar with this tool.
  10. Search Videos: This one-click button lets you highlight search criteria and search videos faster.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts when navigating your Gmail account to make sending, sorting and reading e-mails more efficient.

  1. To compose: To compose a new message, hit Shift + c.
  2. Move to updated conversation: Press k to move up your conversation to newer messages.
  3. Open a conversation: Press Enter to open up a conversation or close it.
  4. Search: Press the / key to move into the search box.
  5. Reply: To reply to an e-mail, if you’re already in conversation view, hit shift + r. For reply all, press shift + a.
  6. Forward: To forward a message you’re viewing in conversation mode, hit shift + f.


For Google Spreadsheets and beyond, these tricks will keep you from wasting any more time during the day.

  1. Select entire column: spreadsheets: Type Ctrl spacebar to select the whole column in your spreadsheet.
  2. Select entire row: Hit Shift Spacebar to select an entire spreadsheet row.
  3. Google Shortcuts from GreaseMonkey: Use this script to be able to search for lyrics, search UrbanDictionary and search Wikipedia with just one type.
  4. Google Analytics Shortcut: This shortcut costs $10 but hacks Google Analytics for you.

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