100 Fascinating Celtic Culture, Language & Lit Blogs

If you’re interested in or studying the culture of Ireland and other Celtic lands, there’s much to be found online. Some of the best resources for learning about Celtic culture are blogs, and we’ve highlighted 100 of them here. Read on to find 100 of the best Celtic culture, language, and literature blogs available online.


Many Celtic people are fanatic about sports, as is reflected in these blogs.

  1. Michael Moynihan’s Irish Sportsblog: Follow this blog to keep up with sports chat from an Irish examiner sportswriter.
  2. The Offside-Celtic: Stay on top of the developments from the Celtic Football Club in this blog.
  3. Irish Rugby Blog: Check out this blog from Peter Bills to learn about rugby in Ireland and worldwide.
  4. Bionic Bohs: This blog from Michael Nugent celebrates the Bohs in the 1970s.
  5. Green and Red: On this blog, you’ll find news from Mayo GAA and beyond.
  6. Walk The Chalk: Read this blog for entertaining news about Irish football.
  7. Celtic Quick News: Celtic Quick News offers a fast dose of what you need to know about Celtic.
  8. Foot.ie: Foot.ie tracks football all over Ireland and beyond.
  9. BundoranGAA’s Weblog: You can stay on top of the latest from Bundoran GAA Club through this blog.
  10. Red in Dublin: On this blog, you’ll find musings from an Irish Liverpool FC fan.
  11. Running in Cork, Ireland: Read about the running scene in Cork, Ireland, on this blog.
  12. The History of the Republic of Ireland Football Team: Check out this blog to learn about the history of football in Ireland.


These blogs are informative and entertaining readers for music students or Celtic music enthusiasts.

  1. The Celtic Music Society Blog: This blog follows the developments of the Celtic music society in Rochester, NY.
  2. Pub Songs Podcast: The Pub Songs Podcast features pub songs from Ireland, Scotland, and around the world, as well as poetry, rants, and raves.
  3. Celtic Music News: Celtic Music News is a great resource for learning about Celtic music online.
  4. Four Strings: This blog writes about string music, including Celtic strings.
  5. Irish Beats: On DJ Rob O’Connor’s blog, you’ll find out what’s hot on the airwaves in Ireland.
  6. nialler9: This music blog features MP3s of news, overlooked, and brilliant music from Ireland and beyond.
  7. Celtophilia: Celtophilia is obsessed with Celtic music and news.
  8. The Harp Blog: This Celtic harper writes about anything and everything harp.
  9. liveIreland: Check out this blog to learn all about live Internet radio and TV from Dublin.
  10. The Torture Garden: The Torture Garden is an MP3 blog for sharing good music.
  11. Music Road: Music Road is full of folk, roots, country, and Celtic music.

Theatre & Cinema

Learn all about Celtic drama through these blogs.

  1. a bit of bonhomie: On this blog, you’ll find lots of Dublin theatre reviews and other passions.
  2. Celtic Cult Cinema: Learn about Celtic cinema, music, and lots more.

Literature & Writing

English majors, writers, and book lovers will appreciate these blogs that celebrate the Celtic written word.

  1. Biblio Ireland: On this blog, you’ll find a guide to Irish books.
  2. Celtic Myth Podshow: The Celtic Myth Podshow is all about Celtic stories and myths.
  3. MediaForum: MediaForum’s blog is all about facilitating media debate in Ireland.
  4. AdamMaguire: This blog is full of writings from Irish journalist Adam Maguire.
  5. Piaras Kelly PR: Piaras Kelly writes about public relations in Ireland.
  6. Bookmark: On this blog, you’ll find images and comments from Or Melling about books and writing.
  7. From the Balcony, a Publisher’s Blog: Read about Celtic media and more through this publisher’s blog.
  8. Scéla: This digital medievalist offers opinionated musings on Celtic digital manuscripts, texts, and more.
  9. Dear Dead Beat: This literary agony column from Irish writer Gerard Beirne answers your literary questions.
  10. David Maybury: Check out this Dublin writer’s blog to find writings, reading, and more.
  11. No Clarity: Read No Clarity to get inside the brain dump of Northern Irish journalist Eddie Mullan.
  12. The Spanish Exposition: This blogger reads Celtic literature and more.
  13. Fergus Cassidy: Check out this blog to find the writings of Irish writer and journalist Fergus Cassidy.
  14. The Celtic Languages Teams: On this blog, you can learn all about the people who speak one of the seven Celtic languages.
  15. Ireland: Here you’ll find the blog for a class studying Ireland and Celtic literature.
  16. Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland: Learn about research, publications, and more relating to medieval and renaissance studies in Ireland.

Digital Culture

See how Celtic culture has been brought into the digital age with these blogs.

  1. Digitology: Digitology offers a dissection of digital culture, including marketing and products.
  2. Techno-Culture: Read this blog from Irish Times journalist Karlin Linnington to get the lowdown on techno culture in Ireland.
  3. TheTannoy: Here you’ll find digital advertising news and views from Net Behaviour.
  4. James O’Sullivan’s Blog: Here you’ll find an Irishman’s view on online marketing.

Genealogy & Heritage

Find out more about Celtic heritage and genealogy from these blogs.

  1. Irish Roots Cafe: Find Irish family history, genealogy, song, and world wide heritage on this blog.
  2. Anglo-Celtic Connections: On this blog, you’ll find a variety of genealogy news for Anglo-Celts.
  3. Small-leaved Shamrock: Learn about the history of families with strong Irish roots.
  4. Celtic Lady: This Celtic woman celebrates her Irish and Scottish heritage.


These blogs offer a celebration of Celtic art.

  1. Red Mum: This photo blogger shares some of the photography of Ireland.
  2. Scamp.ie: Find loads of Irish illustration art on this blog.
  3. American Hell: Find the work of a witty Irish comic artist on this blog.
  4. the red scrapbook: Check out the red scrapbook for scribbles and pictures from an Irish lady abroad.
  5. My Celtic Cottage: Learn about Irish treasures from this shopkeeper.
  6. The Sigla Blog: Read this blog to find arts, culture, writing, and other things on Sinéad Gleeson’s mind.
  7. Irish KC: This Irish artist is full of art, Irish news, and events.
  8. Tuppenceworth: On Tuppenceworth, you’ll read all about art, opinion, and ideas.


Learn about Celtic spirituality by reading these blogs.

  1. The Website of Unknowing: This blog is all about Christian mysticism, Celtic wisdom, and more.
  2. Celtic Judaism: In this blog, you’ll find a melting pot of Irish ancestry and Judaism in America.
  3. Celtichound’s Weblog: Find reflections of a Celtic Reverend on this blog.
  4. Druid Journal: The Druid Journal offers spiritual guidance and connection with nature and the ancient world.
  5. Celtic Prayer Centre Blog: This blog will help you find prayers in Celtic-centric way.


You’ll learn about traveling to Celtic lands from these blogs.

  1. Adventure Ireland Summer Camp Diaries: Check out this blog to see how a bunch of kids from all over the world have an adventure in Donegal.
  2. Celtic Connections: This blogger writes about an academic exploration of Celtic lands.


Find a celebration of Celtic crafts in these blogs.

  1. Celtic Tatting: Learn about the art of Celtic tatting from this blog.
  2. Celtic Memory Yarns: Read this yarn designer’s blog to learn about Celtic knitting and more.
  3. Scottish Heirloom: This blog from the Scottish Heirloom Jewelry Company explores heirlooms as well as Scottish history.
  4. Celtic’s Lacing and Whimsical Thoughts: Check out this blog to find tatting, bobbinlace, needle lace, and more.
  5. Celtic Cast On: On this blog, you can read about an Irish girl’s love affair with yarn.


These bloggers write all about Celtic politics.

  1. United Irelander: Visit this blog to read about the latest developments in Irish politics and politics around the world.
  2. ie-politics: Gerry O’Quigley shares his thoughts on Irish politics.
  3. Irish Election: Visit Irish Election to find coverage of Irish politics, election news, and current affairs.
  4. Public Inquiry: This blog examines corruption in Ireland.
  5. Slugger O’Toole: Slugger O’Toole shares notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture.
  6. Politics in Ireland: In this blog, you’ll find Irish politics and more.


Take a look at the miscellaneous and general culture in Celtic lands in these blogs.

  1. The Celtic Anthropology/Culture Blog: This blog is full of interesting Celtic culture tidbits.
  2. Ice Cream Ireland: If you’re interested in the ice cream and dessert scene in Ireland, be sure to check out this blog.
  3. Twenty Major: Twenty Major’s blog shares a rough look at Irish culture.
  4. Culture Corner: Culture Corner, maintained by the Temple Bar Cultural Trust, stays on top of the cultural happenings in Temple Bar.
  5. The Pointy Adventures of Jean-Claude Supremo: This blogger shares news, developments, and more about pop culture in Ireland and beyond.
  6. Celtic Donkey: This Irish yuppie shares a variety of observations about the workforce and more.
  7. Irish Cottage Dreams: Read this blog to see how one family is embracing Celtic culture and dreaming of owning a home in Ireland.
  8. Bloggin Me Irish: This blog offers a look through Irish eyes.
  9. GUBU: Sarah Carey’s blog is all about social, political, and domestic commentary in Ireland.
  10. Beaut.ie: On this Irish beauty blog, you’ll find cosmetics, skincare, wellbeing, and more.
  11. Following Celtic Ways: Check out this blog to learn how you can follow Celtic ways.
  12. Irish Taxi: On this blog, you’ll find taxi news, musings, gossip, and more.
  13. Blurred Keys: Blurred Keys writes about print, broadcast, and online media in Ireland.
  14. Look Around Ireland: This blog is full of funny stories, ancestry, and more related to Ireland.
  15. Arse End of Ireland: This blog writes about darker culture in Ireland.
  16. My Secret Ireland: Get clued into the secret stories of Ireland and more on this blog.
  17. le craic: Check out le craic for constant updates on Irish pop culture and more.
  18. That’s Ireland: This blog celebrates life in the maddest country on earth.


Check out the culture of certain regions and cities in these local blogs.

  1. Dublin Opinion: On this blog, Dublin bloggers share a variety of opinions.
  2. Shouting Derry Man: This blogger writes all about the culture and developments in Derry.
  3. The Dublin Community Blog: Find out about the life and goings on in and around Dublin City from this blog.
  4. The Limerick Blogger: The Limerick Blogger writes about independent news in Limerick.
  5. Dublin Streets: Check out street style in Dublin on this blog.
  6. Overheard in Dublin: Read this blog to listen in on overheard conversations in Dublin.
  7. Talk Northern Ireland: Check out this blog to find news and more about Northern Ireland.


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